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Skateboarding Tournament

All About Our Popular Skateboarding Tournament

If you love action sports, make sure you check out our awesome Hot Wheels Superchargers skateboarding tournament series. This open competition is for kids ages 16 and under and includes sports like scooter, BMX, and skateboarding. This skateboarding tournament has been an exciting challenge for kids for generations. With our help, Nitro Circus is pushing the limits in action sports by partnering with Hot Wheels to help create amazing moments for competitors and their families. All skill levels are welcome, whether you’re brand-new to the sport or you’re at an advanced level. Each sport kicks off with a Super Session featuring some of your absolute favorite Nitro Circus athletes, then the competition follows afterward. You’ll have a blast hanging out with us and the people from Hot Wheels as you watch the young athletes take the spotlight. Visit our website to find out more about any new and upcoming events near you today!

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