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In the first two shows of our 2020 tour of Australia (tickets still available here!) we’ve seen an incredible level of riding from everyone, start to finish. We can’t wait to see how this tour progresses with five more stops. In the debut show in Ballarat, BMX phenom and recent reality TV star Matt Whyatt landed a World First Whyatt Riot no-hander, adding the variation to his already signature backflip tailwhip to late 360. Check it out:

And in Wangaratta, two World Firsts back to back. Nitro veteran Dusty Wygle put down a trick he’s been working on for over a year: The Carolla is a wild take on a body varial that hadn’t been done in the bike world yet. And Jaie Toohey, who brought the first-ever variation to the nothing front bikeflip, added a new variation to the trick that looks as impossible as it sounds: a tailwhip to nothing front bikeflip. Check out both of those plus two different angles below:

We always say you never know what you’re going to get at a Nitro Circus show, and these first two stops in 2020 have proven that and then some. Check out where we’re headed next right here!


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