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Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Jed Mildon and the big air recliner have become hot news over the last few days, with a post on Reddit blowing up and the video getting picked up by places like SportsCenter, Barstool Sports, and Good Morning America, among others. The coverage has been awesome, especially for a trick that’s been part of our show for so long. Check it out, and grab your tickets right here to see it in person:

Jed is an accomplished BMX pro with some of the biggest World First tricks on his resume, and he also handles work on the contraptions side, so it’s great to see him get some major recognition for that as well. And while we’re here we should also pay tribute to the original, ridden by Crum back in the day:

Click here to check out where we’re headed next so you can see these shenanigans live!

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