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Nitro Junior Games

Updated: Jun 25

The Nitro Junior Games (NJG) is a junior (16 and under) action sports event, showcasing the best up-and-coming young athletes in skateboarding and BMX. NJG aims to invest in and grow the development and participation of youth action sports. Each event includes practice, mentorship, content creation, interviews, and competition among the top young athletes.

The event is scheduled for September 14-15, 2024, at Woodward PA. The schedule includes open practice on Day 1, practice and mentorship on Day 2, and competition on Day 3.

There are a total of 6 disciplines: BMX Park Men & Women, Skateboard Park Men & Women, and Skateboard Street Men & Women. Each discipline features 6 athletes per heat, with the top 3 earning prizes and qualifying for the Championship Final. The prize purse for each discipline is as follows: 1st - $1,500, 2nd - $1,000, 3rd - $750.

The Nitro Junior Games (NJG) will feature mentorship with top professional athletes in each discipline to further develop and encourage growth among the competitors.

Mentoring will include competition coaching, trick advice, trick development, interview training, media training, and action sports insight.

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Huck Kurinsky
Huck Kurinsky
22 Ιουν

Super excited to see this event! 🤟


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