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We are pumped to announce the Pastranaland Pit Bike Championship, an event that will see 11 teams of action sports athletes face off in an epic race straight from Pastranaland. The best part is, you’ll be able to watch all the action on ESPN2 on Saturday, August 15th.

The 11 teams feature two riders each, drawn from across the action sports world. The competitors include Travis himself, who is reuniting with his 2018 MXoN Team Puerto Rico partner Ryan Sipes. Also among them will be three-time world champion mountain bike rider Anneke Beerten, who is pairing with Tarah Gieger, the most decorated female athlete in X Games history. Adding even more fuel to the fire: Gieger must face off against her husband, Nitro Circus veteran Dusty Wygle.

The Pastranaland Pit Bike World Championship features a purpose-built course designed by Nitro’s expert mechanic Hubert Rowland, with a new event format championed by friend of Nitro Circus Jarred “JT” Taylor, all set in Travis’ backyard.

“All of us have been itching to ride and missed the thrill of racing,” Travis says. “With Pit Bike Challenge, we set out to get that competitive fire going again while making it as fun and exciting for fans to watch at home as it is for us banging bars on the track.”

Mark your calendars now! The Pastranaland Pit Bike Championship is coming your way August 15th on ESPN2. Click here for more details.


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