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October 19th, 2024 | Atanasio Girardot Stadium,  Medellin 


Nitro Circus will electrify live audiences in Colombia as they showcase record-breaking thrills, death-defying spills, and side-splitting shenanigans. Each night, an elite roster of top riders will showcase their skills in BMX, scooter, freestyle motocross (FMX), WCMX, and more. Fans can also look forward to special guest appearances from various Nitro legends at every tour stop.


The production includes Nitro Circus’ infamous 50-foot Giganta ramp alongside the next generation of FMX kickers and landers. These innovative setups will give athletes the tools to take action sports to new heights as they attempt huge, never-before-done tricks. Nitro’s daredevils will also push the boundaries of sanity revisiting some of the brand’s sketchiest stunts as well as jumping a host of new crazy contraptions.

Since 2003, Nitro Circus has captivated millions of fans worldwide with a dynamic blend of groundbreaking feats and outrageous comedy. Created by the legendary Travis Pastrana, Nitro Circus has showcased the best athletes and biggest stars in action sports, filling venues around the globe. Now, this thrill-seeking collective is back to celebrate 20 years of pushing the limits.


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